Our Firm

Masland & Barrick Advisory, Inc.

Founded in 1990, Masland & Barrick Advisory, Inc. is committed to serving each client's best interests through independent, comprehensive financial services. Because we are not directly affiliated with any financial product, we are able to offer objective advice, along with the highest-quality service and investment options available.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Life's greatest joy comes from achieving something that is important to you. Building a successful business, seeing a child graduate from college, or retiring to a comfortable lifestyle and hobbies you enjoy. Everyone has different dreams, but the satisfaction that comes from fulfilling them is universal. At Masland & Barrick, we help people from all walks of life realize their dreams. Our goal is to help you pursue yours-through intelligent, personalized, financial planning.

How You Can Pursue Your Dreams

Every success starts with a sound plan. Your financial plan at Masland & Barrick begins with determining what is most important to you. Next, we look at where you are today and what is needed to take you where you want to go. Our experienced professionals evaluate all of the resources and tools available to you - such as employment benefits, tax savings, insurance protection, home ownership, retirement plans, wills, and investments - so we can help you develop a clear path for your future. We also regularly review your financial plan to track its progress and to make adjustments as your lifestyle changes or as you develop new goals. We continually provide important information that will help you understand key financial issues, including educational seminars offered throughout the year on timely topics.